Net Entertainment doesn't make many games that are based on movies, but when they do, they do it in a major way. This is the case with the Aliens online slot that's based on the Aliens films. All of the horror, excitement and suspense of the film franchise has been captured in this game, and it's quite possibly one of the best movie-based online slots running today. Between the high-level graphics and the great feature set, this is a game that all slot fans will love, even if they aren't fans of the Aliens movies.

Game Format

Like most video slots these days, Aliens uses a five-reel format with three horizontal rows. A total of 15 paylines are used in this game, and that gives you several ways to win on each spin without it being so many ways to win that you can't keep up with them. Lots of different levels make up this game, and that's a lot different than what you find with most games in this genre. It's been crafted to build suspense, so you might not want to play this game alone in the dark.

Appearance and Symbols

The appearance for this game is perfect, and the soundtrack captures the creepy suspense that the movies provided perfectly. A number of different alien symbols appear in this game with five major symbols and five minor symbols. The red rectangle alien symbol is the queen, and she's the highest-paying symbol in the game with 1,000x for five on an activated payline. A 500x secondary payout is available for five of the yellow/orange rectangle, which is a bull alien. Three other rectangle symbols for aliens round out the upper pays.

For the lower pays, there are five different symbols. These represent the five stages that the face huggers go through from the egg, to hatching, to getting their bearings, to stalking their host and finally jumping to their face.

Wilds and Features

There are three stages to this game. The Search is the first level, and wilds show up on the last four reels in that stage. The second stage is The Encounter, and the wilds will be found on all five reels in that stage. The third stage is the Hive.

All of your wins increase your multipliers and get you closer to the next level in the first stage. During the second stage, you're basically hunting the aliens, and you gain meter from those symbols instead. Finally, the third stage has you attacking the queen with grenades that you find on the reels before the aliens finish you off. It's a very exciting game with sizable payouts available for making it all the way through.