rouletteRoulette is one of the games that's a staple of any casino environment, whether land-based or online. While there are multiple styles of the game available, players should stay away from the American and mini versions of the games because the payout rates are so low. Instead, stick with the European roulette version to get the best payouts. Here we're going to show you how this game works, how to remember the payouts and how to form your own strategies.

Basic Rules and Payouts

Every bet in European roulette is based on what's called a straight-up bet or wager. A straight-up bet is a bet on a single number, and it has a payout rate of 35:1. The wheel spins, and if you hit the number you bet on, you win a payout of 35 times the amount you were betting. This is an example of an inside bet, which is a bet on the actual grid of numbers on the table.

Outside bets are also available, and they're the bets listed in different boxes around the outer rim of the main grid of numbers. The outside bets are normally where new players start because they hit fairly often and are easy to understand. For example, there are even and odd bets that win if an even or odd number comes up. Note that the green zero does not win for any outside bet. Half of the numbers 1-36 are red, and the other half are black, and this corresponds to the red and black bets. You can also bet that a number from 1-18 or 19-36 will come up as well.

Understanding the Payouts

The payouts for different bets in European roulette can be difficult to remember, but there's an easy way to calculate them. Start off with the number 36 and divide by how many numbers will win for your bet. With a corner bet, for example, you're betting on four numbers that meet at the same corner, so you would divide 36 by four to get nine. After you do that division, subtract one to find the payout rate. The payout rate for a corner bet would be eight accordingly, so that's 8:1 that you'll win on your wager with this type of bet.

To give another quick example, a column bet wins on 12 numbers. To find the payout rate, divide 36 by 12 and then subtract 1. You'll get a payout of 2 with this method, and that means you'll win at a rate of 2:1 on this bet.

Betting Systems

European roulette has a low house advantage of 2.7 percent, and this applies to every single bet that you can possibly make. Along these lines, you can come up with your own complicated betting systems without having to worry about getting a big disadvantage by choosing the wrong way to play. Every way to play has the exact same payout rate, so you can combine straight-up bets with column bets, even money bets and all kinds of other mixtures to have a lot of fun.