When people think of a casino, they often think of a scene from a movie or television show that's set in some kind of older gambling den type of scenario with cigarette smoke in the air and dingy lighting. A roulette or craps table is usually the focal point of the scene, and there's a lot of excitement from the players enjoying the games. What's so interesting is that, even though the specifics of the casino games being played might be off, the excitement is all there no matter what kind of game is being played, and that's an accurate assessment.

Variety of Casino Games

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of different types of casino games out there now, and while the classic table games are still there, they don't make up a majority of the action anymore, especially in the online slots. In an online casino, most of the games available will be slots, and plenty of other non-slot games will also be offered that don't necessarily fall under the heading of "classic table game."

All games basically fall on a spectrum involving two key factors. On one end of the spectrum are games with a lot of strategy and skill involved that can influence their payout rates. On the other end of the spectrum are games that are completely chance-based and that require little to no skill whatsoever. Different types of players will prefer games on different ends of the spectrum, and this will often match up with the type of person they are overall.

Chance-Based Games

Games that rely primarily on chance like video slots, classic slots, roulette, craps and scratch cards are a lot of fun because you can jump right in and start playing if you know the rules. Even if you don't know the rules already, it's usually pretty easy to learn to play in just a few minutes. While the payout rates on these games can vary a bit, it's not hard to find a game like European roulette where you can make up all kinds of different betting "strategies" that won't affect your payout rate at all. This gives flexibility without punishing players for a lack of skill.

Strategy-Based Games

The other end of the spectrum has casino games like blackjack, video poker and casino poker that allow you to get better payout rates depending on how skilled you are. These games are perfect for people who like to put a lot of effort into refining their strategies and learning about the mechanics of the games themselves. What's more is that there are many different forms of these games, and some sites might have a couple of dozen of each type of game alone.


No matter how you choose to play, the important thing is that you find something that matches up with what you like as an individual. No two people are exactly the same, and no two people can be expected to like the exact same types of casino games. If you like more than one type of game, that's fine too, but make sure that you never feel like you have to play something just because other people enjoy it.